The Pre-school provides places for a maximum of 30 children per session. Children are admitted on their 2nd birthday providing that they are ready. In the event of more applications then places, admissions will be determined on a waiting list basis.

Health and Safety

The pre-school will be kept safe at all times for children, staff and visitors. Children will not leave the pre-school room without an adult. The pre-school leader must be informed of who will collect each child at the end of each session. The children use the preschool toilet facilities, to which they are always accompanied by one of the pre-school staff to ensure they practise good hygiene, general hand washing takes place in the sink in the bathroom. A fully equipped first aid box is always available.

Arrival and Departure of children

Parents and children may enter the building as soon as a member of staff is on the premises, but the adult may not leave the child before 8.45am because of insurance purposes. Children are then picked up at the allocated time (depending on the length of the session taken), staff ensure that each child is collected by the known or named person (as per health and safety instruction).


All parents are encouraged to join the fund raising committee and take part in fund raising activities, children’s trips, social events, and may help out if they wish. Parents are very welcome to visit the pre-school and are actively encouraged to support their child.

Child Safeguarding

All staff and helpers undergo a criminal background check. A child safeguarding policy which follows the recommendations laid down in the Lancashire protection procedure and policies is in place.

Equality and Diversity

No child or person will be discriminated against or excluded for reason of race, culture, religion, disability or sex.

Control and Sanctions

Smacking or any form of physical punishment is forbidden and is a dismissible offence. When necessary children will receive guidance and help to reason through and understand the impact of their actions.


If a child requires medication, the medicine book must be filled in accordingly.


Parents will be contacted immediately. Permission for emergency treatment is signed for on the registration form upon entry.

Fire Procedure

A copy of the fire procedure is displayed on the pre-school wall. Regular fire drills are undertaken in conjunction with the school and a record of these is maintained.

Special Educational Needs

Our pre-school has regard to the DfEE code of practice and therefore welcomes and supports any child with additional needs and their parents.

Missing Child Procedure

A speedy and thorough search will be undertaken and if necessary, parents and police contacted.
The register is taken daily and a record of contact telephone numbers is maintained.


Complaints will be dealt with in a friendly, sympathetic manner and by the pre-school leader.
If the complaint is about a member of staff you may approach the chair person, if this cannot rectify the issue, OFSTED should be contacted at Applications, Regulatory and Contact( ARC)Team, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD

Smoking and Drinking

The drinking of alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited on the premises.

Full Policies are available in the pre-school at any time on request and also online via the school website and via our downloads page. (A full copy of the S.E.N. policy and child safeguarding policy is enclosed in the prospectus)